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Couching Workshop Kit


This is where you can purchase a Couching Workshop Kit to use during any of the Couching Workshops Lora is running. (the image gives you a rough idea of what you will receive)

Please note: This can only be sent to students who buy tickets over a week in advance, and depends on where you are in the world

The Kit will include:
- A square of calico (roughly 20x30cm)
- 1 x embroidery needle
- A length of embroidery thread
- A variety of small strips of materials to use in the workshop such as Russia braid, wool yarn, embroidery thread and fabric strip

In addition you will need:
- Small sharp scissors
- A pencil
- A sewing hoop (not 100% necessary)
- A reel of standard sewing thread
(one or a couple of different colours if you have them)